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How Stress Can Destroy Your Company Culture

We can all feel overwhelmed at times when a little too much of everything stresses us out. The pace of modern living can limit the time for us to plan ahead which can leave us feeling unprepared for the workday - and that causes even more stress. To...

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How Great Leaders Can Help Reduce Workplace Stress

Stress—It can be a familiar feeling for many on a day-to-day basis, especially in the workplace. In fact, 40% of workers reported their job was very or extremely stressful. That’s nearly half of the U.S. workforce experiencing high stress because of...

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Here’s Why You Should Encourage Your Employees to Get More Sleep

In most offices, a common response to the greeting, “How are you?” is, “Tired, you?” In fact, it’s such a typical response that it’s rarely given a second thought. However, the amount of sleep your employees receive is important, and it’s likely...

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Sleep as Medicine: Your Wake-Up Call

Sleep is the foundation of good health. Even when we intend on having the perfect morning, a restless night’s sleep can make our next day feel more like a nightmare. Wake up call: the idea that we have to get more done and that sleep is not a...

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The Real Cost of Workplace Fatigue and How to Fight it with Modern Sleep Training

Have you considered the full effects of workplace fatigue at your organization? What risks are you facing when your employees aren’t getting a good night’s rest? What’s the real cost of workplace fatigue?

If you haven’t asked yourself these...

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The Key to Curbing Employee Insomnia

When you ask your team members “How are you?” a common response is “Tired, you?”. This response is running rampant in offices all over the country but have you considered the effects of a poorly rested workforce? The cost of employee insomnia in the...

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3 Definitive Ways Mindfulness Encourages Your Sales Team

Sales is one of the most stressful fields to work in. According to a PayScale survey, 73% of people working in sales report having high stress, and it makes perfect sense. Sales is extremely fast-paced. Salespeople are constantly on the phone,...

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The Key to Closing: A Calm, Resilient, and Focused Sales Team

Sales is often listed among the most stressful fields. Your sales team, especially your sales managers, are tasked with driving growth for your organization. That kind of pressure can catch up to them in a variety of ways, including impacting their...

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Didn’t Make Our Emotional Intelligence Webinar? Here are the Highlights

If you didn’t tune into our March 28th EQ webinar, you really missed out on some valuable knowledge about Emotional Intelligence for High-Performance Work Cultures. But that’s okay because we’re here to get you up to speed. Here are the highlights:

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