[Webinar] The Need For Stress Resilience, Mindfulness and Wellbeing in a Changing World

Less than a minute read March 19, 2020 Joe Burton

If you're looking to support your employees to help them through adversity and come out the other side stronger and more productive, this workshop is for you.

Managing ongoing change is the new norm. And with societal shifts, global warming, natural disasters, and now a global pandemic, the undercurrent of stress is rising. The good news is that we can learn science-based skills to deal with it more effectively. Yet 64% of us feel our employers aren't providing the tools needed to work on resilience, stress management and mindfulness.

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar: 

  • Learn stress management techniques.
  • Learn how mindfulness can improve your focus.
  • Learn the importance of giving your team resilience tools.


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