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Webcast: How Compassion Makes Louisville a Better, More Resilient City (ft. Mayor Greg Fischer)

1 minute read August 30, 2018 Resource

About This Webcast

Thanks to the age of the internet and mass connectivity, the world is shrinking every day. Money, information and people are flowing across international boundaries constantly. In fact, every time a company interacts with another business, cultures cross. But what impact does that have on business as a whole?

Companies need to understand how much increased self awareness and cultural awareness impacts the world around us. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is valued more than ever in the workplace. A higher EQ means greater awareness; this along with global IQ is required to thrive in today’s global markets.  How else will businesses find out if they’re impacting their workforce in the way that’s undesirable for their business outcomes?

In this webcast you will:

  • Learn what global IQ is
  • How it impacts business, along with EQ
  • What you can do to raise your global IQ to succeed in the multicultural marketplace

This Whil webcasts qualifies for 1 hour of SHRM and WorldatWork continuing education credit.

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About Michael Landers

Over the past 15 years, Michael has designed and facilitated programs for global executives and managers to help them build essential skills in arenas such as cross-cultural communication, leadership, team building, sustaining employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and international recruiting and staffing.  He has conducted business in over 30 countries, including the creation of a cross-cultural consultancy in Japan, staffing a global advertising conglomerate throughout Europe, and leading various successful business development initiatives in Latin America, among other international endeavors.  

Michael’s collective experiences have left him with a unique understanding of the challenges that professionals often face while working within multicultural communities and building relationships across international borders.  Whether facilitating large groups or conducting private coaching sessions, Michael utilizes the same insightful, lively, and thorough approach that underscores his passion for improving cultural awareness and understanding.

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