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Whil Review from the Louisville Metro

By Whil Community

The city of Louisville recently partnered with Whil to de-stress hundreds of their employees. About 700 of them and their dependents were gifted Whil free for a full year.

Here's the experience of one woman:

"Usually those (body scan sessions) are about 20 minutes and it gets you to a place of absolute peace and full relaxation and you’re focusing on every part of your body - what you can feel, your emotions - just really getting in touch with your inner you and what’s going on with you,” she said. “It has reduced my anxiety probably 50 percent. It is wonderful.” - Stacey Ayers, a corrections case worker from the Louisville Metro.

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Posted by Whil Community- 12 July, 2016

Whil is the leader in digital employee wellbeing training. Because people are stressed, and we're here to help.